Petrel Pass

Oglethorpe University’s ID Card, the Petrel Pass:

Preview of a Petrel Pass, front of the card view showing DOB, student name, barcode, and Stormy Petrel logo

Your Oglethorpe University ID card is used to verify that you are a current student or faculty/staff member at the University. Validation of your ID is based on your registration or employment. Petrel Passes give access to:

  • Philip Weltner Library Resources
  • Student Meal Plan
  • Security access to certain locations on campus
  • Petrel Pass discounts at participating¬†businesses
  • Access to account information and password resets at the IT Services Help Desk
  • Numerous other college student discounts not affiliated with Oglethorpe University

The Petrel Pass now allows you to tap-and-go. If you have a meal plan, you may now tap your card on the reader in the cafeteria to pay for your meal. Additionally, residents of Jobe-Hansen and Bowden-Magbee may use the tap-and-go feature to gain access to their individual rooms and the common areas of the dorms.


  • The card system requires you to tap in at one of the outside entrances of your residence hall¬†every 48-hours. If you try to access your room and are unable to do so, please go to one of the outside entrances and hold the card to the tap-and-go reader. This will update your card and allow you to have access to your room.
  • Do not punch a hole in the card. The cards have an antenna embedded in the card. Punching a hole or otherwise piercing the card will break the card requiring the card to be replaced, and you will be required to pay the replacement fee.

Replacement IDs can be obtained from the Campus Safety office with another photo ID displaying your name and date of birth. The fee for replacing a lost or damaged card is $15. If you have not previously received an ID card and are not on record, a proof of enrollment from the Registrar’s Office is also required.

Given the amount of access provided by the Petrel Pass, Oglethorpe University suggests treating this card as important as a credit card. It should also be given the same amount of protection against magnetic fields.